Download Susah Sinyal (2017) WEB-DL 720p MKV

Download Susah Sinyal (2017) WEB-DL 720p MKV

In 2017, 720p, Film 1811 views

Web download film Susah Sinyal (2017) WEB-DL 720pSinopsis Film Susah Sinyal (2017) Menceritakan: Film Terbaru Ernest Prakasa

SINOPSIS Susah Sinyal (2017) – Storyline
Ellen (Adinia Wirasti), a successful lawyer, is a single mom who rarely spends time for her only child Kiara (Aurora Ribero), who eventually grows as a rebellious teenager who has more to vent her emotions on social media. They live with Agatha (Niniek L. Karim), Ellen’s mother who is very fond of Kiara. When Agatha died of a heart attack, Kiara who since childhood very close to Omanya immediately shaken. To entertain Kiara, Ellen invites away on vacation so that they can both spend quality time to treat the times in which Ellen is too busy working. They finally went to Sumba, and Kiara went home with carefree heart. In Jakarta, Ellen immediately greeted a big problem in the office. The big project he’s working with Iwan (Ernest Prakasa) is in danger of falling apart. Finally because busy, Ellen did not keep his promise to watch Kiara appear in audition talent search event on television that Kiara prepared for a long time. Kiara was angry and went to Sumba alone, where the last time

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Movie Title: Susah Sinyal (2017) WEB-DL 720p
voting:Ratings: 7.4/10
Directors:Ernest Prakasa
Writer: Ernest Prakasa
Stars: Adinia Wirasti, Ernest Prakasa, Aurora Ribero
Release Date: 21 December 2017 (Indonesia)
Genres: Comedy
Quality: WEB-DL 720p
Format: mp4/mkv
File Size: 999MB
Resolution: 1280×534
Runtime: 1h 50min
Country: Indonesian
Language: Indonesian
Download Subtitles: Indonesia, English

Daftar Lengkap Pemain Film Susah Sinyal (2017):

  • Adinia Wirasti berperan sebagai Ellen
  • Ernest Prakasa berperan sebagai Iwan
  • Aurora Ribero berperan sebagai Kiara
  • Refal Hady berperan sebagai Abe
  • Valerie Thomas berperan sebagai Astrid

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Download Film Susah Sinyal (2017) WEB-DL 720p

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    Download Susah Sinyal (2017) WEB-DL 720p MKV

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