Strange Hair Salon (2015) 720p HDRip

Strange Hair Salon (2015) 720p HDRip

In 2015, Film 2646 views

Synopsis Film Lost Strange Hair Salon (2015) 720p HDRip:Download Film Strange Hair Salon (2015) 720p HDRip
A ledger pink and employees Mina opened a beauty salon. Even after a long time after opening the salon without gaining the guests, there is a flurry million Paris salon. So Mina attract guests with a sexy concept salon is reminded this is the jackpot. Meanwhile, Mina and ask the salon to promote table tennis lover Oh, the colleagues of the five table tennis are also to patronize the salon. Company Director, byeonsangtae Then the midst of ping-pong and find the salons of pink, showed an interest in Pink Ping Pong to pink, along with Mina.

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Movie Title: Strange Hair Salon (2015) 720p HDRip
voting: –
Director: –
Writers: –
Stars: N/A
Release Date: 22 October 2015 (South Korea)
Genres: Drama, Romance
Quality: 720p HDRip
Format: mp4
File Size: 600MB
Resolution: –
Runtime: 95 min
Country: South Korea
Language: South Korea
Subtitles: Indonesia, English

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    Strange Hair Salon (2015) 720p HDRip

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